23 MARCH 2023

The Sarantis Group and SANITAS support the aims of the Panhellenic volunteer movement, Save Your Hood

The Sarantis Group and the trusted SANITAS brand, with a presence on the Greek market of more than 50 years, supported the Save Your Hood initiative and provided 3,000 Flex & Strong garbage bags made with 100% recycled plastic. A special action took place recently in Oropos, Avlida, Halkida and Psachna, where more than 23,580 litres of waste was collected around the River Asopos estuaries, the Faros-Avlida wetland, the Psachna wetland and the Kopanas salt marsh.

Plastic bottles, coffee cups, bags, fishing tackle, nylon, chairs, tyres, old pipes, polyurethane and other deposited waste were removed from these areas, providing more opportunities to hundreds of species of birds, animals and insects to thrive in their habitat.

The new-technology SANITAS Flex & Strong bags are made with embossed texture and a triple-layered film for elasticity and guaranteed durability, even when disposing of sharp objects or other “demanding” waste, and they are also leak-proof. They are made of 100% recycled plastic, making cleaning even better while helping to ensure a better environment. SANITAS, with its main message of “Everything can be better”, is fully aligned with the Group’s sustainable development strategy and aims at creating products through ongoing research and innovation with a reduced environmental footprint.

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