15 JUNE 2022

SANITAS Silver Block. Kitchen sponges and cloths just got better!

SANITAS understands the needs of a Greek household very well. That’s why it endeavours to enhance its product lines with new, innovative products. It knows better than anyone that everything we do at home to care for our loved ones often requires so much endurance, skill and strength that it feels like we are competing in unusual sporting events! It creates champion products for us as allies in our daily training around the arena of the kitchen.

The new SANITAS campaign for the Silver Block sponges and wipes is here to help simplify the daily household feats with champion-level products in the fight against bacteria.

An average parent’s day may seem like training for the Triathlon, when it includes cooking, meetings and helping kids with their homework all at the same time, and often leads to unexpected messes. The care of an infant can also resemble “Greco-Roman feeding” when the struggle to get the baby to eat ends up covering dishes and surfaces with baby food.

SANITAS Silver Block sponges and wipes with active antibacterial agents provide full protection, preventing bacterial growth and unpleasant odours on sponges/wipes. This way, they do not transfer bacteria, they last longer, and make every cleaning job even better so you can rest easy.

That is the spirit behind the new SANITAS strategy embodied by the slogan “Everything can be better”, and it applies to its products through ongoing research and innovation, our daily chores at home involving cooking, cleaning and food storage, and ultimately the entire planet through our concern about our environmental and social footprint.

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