Quality can
be better

At Sanitas, we design and create products to ensure safety. Quality controls, automated production processes, laboratory testing and certification guarantee maximum safety and quality.

Quality Assurance Department

The Sanitas Quality Assurance Department consists of a team of people from various disciplines (chemists, chemical engineers and food technologists) who are highly trained and qualified. The main objects of their work are summarised below:

  • Supporting the function and constantly improving the quality management system.
  • Conducting quality controls during the production process to ensure the consistent quality of our products.
  • Inspecting the quality of materials and goods received and verifying they meet company specifications.
  • Establishing product specifications, technical characteristics and parameters appropriate to their functionality and usability.
  • Checking to verify that products comply with the provisions of European legislation.

Equipment & Specifications

At Sanitas, we place particular emphasis on modernising and automating the mechanical equipment we use in the production process.

The Quality Assurance Department establishes product specifications based on stringent criteria derived from three key areas. We create products based on:

  • Laboratory tests, certificates of suitability and the European legislative framework to ensure products are suitable and safe for contact with food.
  • Extensive in-house trials and consumer panel tests to ensure their usability and effectiveness.
  • Consumer needs, as determined by quantitative and qualitative consumer surveys.

Laboratory Tests

At Sanitas, we work with recognised and accredited external laboratories to receive certification of the high quality of our products.

These laboratories are selected based on strict criteria, such as:

  • Accreditation by a national body.
  • Recognisability and reputation in their area of expertise.
  • Experience and know-how.
  • Accumulation of high score upon inspection conducted by the departments of Quality Assurance, Research and Development, and Marketing.

Consumer surveys and their importance to us

As part of our effort to ensure ongoing improvement in the quality of our products, we conduct qualitative and quantitative consumer surveys to investigate how satisfied consumers are with their use of our products, on one hand, and to ascertain any new needs which constantly emerge, on the other.

The results of these surveys are analysed and consolidated in a way that will serve as a guide for our strategic decision-making. As regards the findings on new consumer needs in particular, these inform our planning and development of new products to meet those needs.


GR. SARANTIS SA has been certified to the ISO 9000 standard since 1995. Having adopted advanced methods of organisation and production from early on, this certification is a recognition of the company's way of operating. The ISO 9001:2008 certification makes Sanitas a member of a large global family that meets the requirements of this quality management standard.

But what is the ISO 9000 series?

It is a framework of standards used around the world to ensure consistent product quality over the long term. Every three years, inspections are conducted to reassess the quality management system. In the interim, system monitoring inspections are carried out once a year.

We care

We venture beyond the walls of each home and continue to evolve to improve everyone’s daily life:

For a better environment

With respect for the planet, Sanitas incorporates sustainability into the core of its operations.

For a better society

At Sanitas, housework may be our passion, but we equally enjoy caring for you and the places you visit or where you carry out your activities.

For better quality

At Sanitas, each product is the result of extensive laboratory testing because your safety is our foremost concern.