28 APRIL 2022

SANITAS presents the new Flex & Strong garbage bags leading the field in durability

SANITAS understands the needs of a Greek household better than anyone. It strives to continually equip the kitchen with innovations and leading products that are better for everyone. It also knows that everything we do at home to care for our loved ones often requires so much endurance, skill, and strength that it feels like we are competing in unusual sporting events!

In the new SANITAS campaign to promote new-technology Flex & Strong garbage bags, a “pole vault” in the kitchen can easily turn into a “pole fault”, when a jar of marmalade falls off a high shelf and creates both wet and sharp waste. As a result, when the time comes for the “garbage lifting” event, a bag that leads the field in durability is an essential ally in the battle for survival.

The SANITAS Flex & Strong garbage bags are made with embossed texture and a triple-layered film for elasticity and guaranteed durability, even when disposing of sharp objects or other “demanding” waste, and they are also leak-proof. They are made of 100% recycled plastic, making cleaning even better while helping to ensure a better environment. This way, we all win with SANITAS!

That is the spirit behind the new SANITAS strategy embodied by the slogan “Everything can be better”, and it applies to its products through ongoing research and innovation, our daily chores at home involving cooking, cleaning and food storage, and ultimately the entire planet through our concern about our environmental and social footprint.

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