6 APRIL 2022

With SANITAS non-stick parchment paper, the daily cooking event just got better!

For nearly 50 years, SANITAS has been researching and breaking ground to bring products to market that fully meet the needs of consumers and make their lives and their kitchen routines easier.

SANITAS knows better than anyone that everything we do at home to care for our loved ones often requires so much endurance, skill and strength that it feels like we are competing in unusual sporting events!

The new campaign for SANITAS baking paper, based on the test involving the preparation of food and cakes for a children’s party, i.e. through the popular sports of “oven pan battle” or “hockey on tray”, proves how important it is to have strong allies and champion-level products in our daily competition.

SANITAS baking paper saves you time with the practical, pre-cut sheets, while its non-stick properties will ensure your creations can be served easily and leave your cookware clean. It makes cooking and baking even more delicious, even healthier, even simpler, and even better!

That is the spirit behind the new SANITAS strategy embodied by the slogan “Everything can be better”, and it applies to its products through ongoing research and innovation, our daily chores at home involving cooking, cleaning and food storage, and ultimately our planet through our concern about our environmental and social footprint.

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