The environment becomes better

Garbage bags

Sanitas enters a new age in garbage bags with the new-technology Sanitas Flex & Strong garbage bags made of 100% recycled plastic. With their innovative embossed texture for extra elasticity, even when disposing of sharp objects, and 3 layers of durability to prevent leaks, the Sanitas Flex & Strong garbage bags will be your strongest ally in any cleaning task. That’s why consumers chose it as “Product of the Year”* for 2023!

*Independent consumer survey conducted by Circana with a sample of 3.200 consumers in Greece

Green initiatives

Sanitas does not limit itself to caring for the home, but also the environment, as it uses recycled plastic to reduce the production and consumption of virgin raw materials in a category known for its excessive use of plastic.

But our “green” initiatives do not stop there. Aiming to reduce its environmental footprint even more, Sanitas continually conducts research and development to create products that are even more environmentally friendly without compromising quality and durability. Because with Sanitas, garbage bags can become even better!

Did you know that


On average, each person generates 1.2 kg of waste a day, which results in 7.4 million tons of waste a day in the world, mostly from households.


By using garbage bags made with recycled plastic, we are actively working to protect the environment and to ensure a better, “greener” tomorrow.


We care

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The environment becomes better

Cooking & Food Packaging

By combining quality with sustainability, the products in this category have been created and developed so that packaging materials are environmentally friendly.

Everything can be better

For a better environment

The new-technology Flex & Strong garbage bags care for the environment, as they are made of 100% recycled plastic, which means decreased consumption of virgin raw materials in a product category that is predominantly plastic-based.

The environment becomes better

Hygiene & Cleanliness

As part of sustainability, wipes have been improved and made more ecological, as they are 100% biodegradable and compostable, and made from renewable resources while retaining their efficiency and durability.