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Cook & Store

Aluminium foil, Baking paper, 2-in-1 Baking paper & aluminium foil, Plastic wrap, Food bags, Oven bags, Aluminium foil bakeware, Ice cube bags

Waste Management

Flex & Strong garbage bags with drawstring, Easypack garbage bags with practical handles & Bathroom bin garbage bags

Clean & disinfect

Gloves, Sponges, Wipes, Dusting systems, Mops, Buckets


We care

The Sanitas message, “Everything can be better”, is also the brand’s promise and purpose. We protect the environment, contribute to society with meaningful actions and ensure quality for a better life overall.

The environment can be better


New Sanitas upgraded baking paper

SANITAS, our most loyal ally in the kitchen, has been bringing safety and confidence to Greek households for more than 50 years with a broad range of products that improve the modern-day consumer experience.

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Help me to...


Make my life easier

With our useful tips, your daily tasks become smarter. Try creative and different ways to use our products and get a different perspective on life.


Make amazing dishes

From quick and healthy meal ideas to delicious desserts, traditional foods, simple dishes and exotic ethnic flavours, our recipes will inspire you.


Products designed to improve our life every single day.

At Sanitas, we design and create products to ensure safety. Quality controls, automated production processes, laboratory testing and certification guarantee maximum safety and quality.

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With the power of one of the largest consumer goods companies in Europe

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