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Easy Pack aromatic bags with handles, Small

30 pcs | 100 pcs | 46 x 50 cm. | 25L

Product Description

The EASY PACK scented garbage bags with handles are durable thanks to the quality of the material and the star seal at the bottom. They come with practical handles that make them easier to close and carry away and have a fresh, clean scent.

Ideal for small bathroom bins. Dimensions 46x50 cm.

  • Practical handles
  • For small bathroom bins, 25L
  • Scented
  • Durable
  • Star seal at the bottom
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Useful Tip

Useful Tip

Carry your bags more easily without leaving marks on your hands. Use a metal hook and hang all the bags with handles.

Did you know?

Did you know?

Store your beddings, clothing or shoes quickly and easily in the scented bags. This will help keep them clean and add a scent of freshness to your wardrobe.

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