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Easy Pack bags with handles, Large

20 pcs | 58 x 72 cm.| 60L

Product Description

The EASY PACK garbage bags with handles are durable thanks to the quality of the material and the star seal at the bottom. They fit perfectly, even in bins with a wide rim, and have practical handles that make them easier to close and carry away.
Ideal for large kitchen bins. Dimensions 58x72 cm.

  • Practical handles
  • For large kitchen bins, 60L
  • Durable
  • Star seal at the bottom
  • Perfect fit in bins with a wide rim
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Useful Tip

Useful Tip

Carry your bags more easily without leaving marks on your hands. Use a metal hook and hang all the bags with handles.

Did you know?

Did you know?

How do you keep your camping gear or clothes dry in a sudden rain shower? Before packing your things in your backpack, place them in bags and fold the upper edge of the bag over to ensure no water can get inside.

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