New Sanitas upgraded baking paper

SANITAS, our most loyal ally in the kitchen, has been bringing safety and confidence to Greek households for more than 50 years with a broad range of products that improve the modern-day consumer experience.

New multi-bake technology

Striving toward innovation and utility, SANITAS is the first to introduce the new and improved non-stick baking paper with multi-bake technology to the Greek market for basic use in the oven with the SANITAS quality guarantee. But the addition of the new and very promising multi-bake technology means that the non-stick baking paper is also suitable for frying pans, toasters, steam cookers and air fryers, offering a complete kitchen experience to make cooking even easier.

For a better life

This improvement fully reflects the brand’s promise that “Everything can be better”, and is sure to change our cooking habits. The new packaging contains paper of even higher quality that ensures quick and safe preparation of healthy and delicious meals. The SANITAS non-stick baking paper helps save time as it keeps cookware clean for even quicker washing up, and can be used for all cooking methods, proving that it can keep up with all modern cooking trends.

Cooking is unquestionably a daily challenge for everyone, but with the help of SANITAS, even the early experienced with cooking  can prepare impressive and memorable meals in their kitchen.

For a better life