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Multibags Food Bags

50 pcs | Small Size | 1 L | 17 x 24 cm.

Product Description

Sanitas food bags are high quality and resilient for regular use and ideal for storing, transporting and packaging foods.  They also help you keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer and prevent odours in your refrigerator. Suitable for refrigeration or freezing.

  • High-quality, resilient food bags
  • Ideal for storing and transporting foods
  • Suitable for refrigeration or freezing
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Useful Tip

Useful Tip

Prepare mixtures of nuts and dried fruit of your choice, store them in food bags in the refrigerator to keep them fresh and preserve their aroma, and enjoy a simple and healthy snack any time.

Check this out

Check this out

Use Multibags food bags to prepare snacks for your day, such as fruit, nuts, cereal bars, sandwiches, cake, etc. This way, you can control the quantity of your food without missing a meal.

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100% recyclable product!

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