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Teflon Protect Sponge for non-stick cookware

1 pc

Product Description

Sanitas Teflon Protect sponge for non-stick cookware is ideal for daily washing of all non-stick cookware (frying pans, pots, baking pans, etc.). Thanks to its innovative composition, it cleans sensitive surfaces thoroughly without scratching. It cleans and can be cleaned very easily without retaining food or dirt residues.

Available in packs of 1 pc

  • Ideal for non-stick cookware
  • Does not scratch sensitive surfaces
  • Highly durable
  • Does not fray
  • Cleans and can be cleaned quickly and easily
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Useful Tip

Useful Tip

Rinse and drain after every use to maintain the sponge in good condition.



Turn of the water tab while washing the dishes, to save water.

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