Discover SANITAS Microfiber Home Collection

One wipe dedicated to every area of the house!

The colored SANITAS wipes are proposed for a different area of the house, making cleaning a colorful experience.

Ideal for everyday use, they effectively clean only with water, removing dirt and dust, without leaving streaks and stains.

Distinguish them by their colored ribbon and prevent the passing-through of dirt and bacteria between the spaces of your house.

A dedicated wipe for each house area

Each color mark a specific area of the house and make cleaning a colorful experience:

Blue: For the bathroom
Yellow: For the kitchen
Green: For outdoors
Pink: For all purposes

For a better life

With SANITAS, “everything can be done better” – both its products through ongoing research and innovation and our daily chores at home involving cooking, cleaning and food storage, while the entire planet improves through our concern about our environmental and social footprint.

For a better life